We believe in giving kids the best possible start in life, in a safe environment, as well as teaching them how to have a healthy lifestyle so that they will grow up strong and continue the positive patterns established in the early years. In order to accomplish this we follow these practices:

Our daycare areas are extremely clean at all times by the use of natural, non-toxic cleaning products. We do not use air fresheners, or anti-bacterial sprays either. We open our windows, weather permitting, for fresh air.

We get outdoors every day to catch fresh air, exercise, and have lots of fun, if weather permits.

In terms of safety, we work hard to ensure that any places we take the children to (playgroups, park, library, etc.) are safe and secure. Any harmful substances such as medications are kept well away from children’s reach. All electrical outlets are covered, sharp corners cushioned, no cables are hanging, gates enclose off all daycare areas, and children are always properly secured into the multiple-seat stroller during day outs. Our playground is fully fenced off and children are never left unattended inside or outside. Video surveillance is strategically installed in the sleeping area so kids are supervised at all times.

We serve nutritious homemade meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables according to Canada Food Guide. We encourage kids to  drink lots of filtered water and have milk during the day, too. We do not serve juice.